Eco-Inspiration Coaches are the heart of the Discover Green program.


We are excited to see the growth of the program -- Our first two classes taught in December 2011 trained 35 youth to be excited about the environment and

How to Make a Difference -- Right Here and Right Now

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The first class -- 21 graduates - December 2011.

The second class - 15 graduates - December 2011.

The third class - 14 graduates - March 2012

The forth class - 18 graduates - December 2012 (Round Rock)

The fifth class - 18 graduates (San Antonio)

Discover Green's -- Second Class of Eco-Inspiration Coaches.  December 2011.

Eco Inspiration Coach Training

Three days of intense environmental stewardship training is designed for Pre-teens and teens (11-18) who want to do more that talk about the environment - but want to make a difference right here and right now.


At the end of the three days you will be a Citizen Forester, Citizen Scientist and ready to tackle various nonprofit environmental educational projects.


If you have questions -- contact Sarah at sarah@discovergreen yel.org