- Neighborwoods

- Creek Stewardship Events

- Invasive Species Removals

- Creek and Park Trash Pick Up

Since 2008,  we have hosted and helped other host Teen Green Parties with a Purpose ©. These inviting service opportunities allow people to have an incentive to do service. Normally pizza is provided, after the project.  In 2011, we have started Sapling Parties with a Purpose and Park Appreciation Days.  Most of our Tree Plantings, Creek Stewardship and Trash Clean Up events are part of Teen Green Parties with a Purpose.  We will be hosting TGGP's this year with the support of our FUDDRaisers,  REI and JCPenney's.

Party with a Purpose

Storm Drain Marking

Another big project of Discover Green is Storm Drain Marking. To bring people aware of the environmental and water quality issue of non-point source pollution, we mark the drains to help.  This project was started with funding from Planet Connect and we market over 2000 drains in the city of Pflugerville.  If you are interested marking drains in the Central Texas area contact us -- we work with the City of Austin and Brushy Creek MUD as well.

Tree Distribution

In partnership with Tree Folks we are excited to distribute tree saplings during October in 2010 and 2011. With Brushy Creek MUD we distributed 100 in 2011 and 400 in 2012.  Neighborwoods project allowed up to deliver almost 1000 trees for residents in the city of Pflugerville to mitigate the heat island effect in 2009 and 2010.

M.Y. Little Tool Shack

Thanks to REI Discover Green will open a tool shack stocked specifically with equipment for the whole family.  Specializing in equipment for children 4-9 including shovels, gloves, trash grabbers and weed wrenches.  Although the tool shack is not the first tool shack in Travis County – it is the only one that is targeting children and youth.  Discover Green anticipates being able to support between 52-100 projects a year with 500-1000 children volunteers and another 500 teens and 500 adults. For more information or tool shack reservations email Marie  at kwoodwardyoung@gmail.com

School & Youth Presentations

We have shared information about trees, nonpoint source pollution and recycling with over 6500 youth through school and community presentations since spring 2009.  If you would like to schedule a presentation or ask us to present to your group -- contact us for more details.  Or come find us at a local events - Clean Water Festival, Forever Green Nature PFest.

Some of our other Projects

Patch program done by Girl Scouts in troop 1587

Patch Program