Archery Camp - Level 1


We are excited to share with you our program - -this program is designed to introduce you to archery as well as other forms of health and wellness activities.  

The coaches are expereinced competitive archers themselves, assitants are members of the DG Archery team.  

Level 1 is repeated twice - before moving on to Level 2

Class is designed for kids 4th grade and up -- if you have a younger students who is interested in attending - -please contact Kate Woodward Young to discuss options.

Class is a drop off program - for safety and space reasons - parents are encouoraged to drop off children.  (If you need to stay for a specific reason - please discuss with coach BEFORE the first day).

Camp is 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

All equipment included - please do not bring your own equipment.
Closed toed shoes required - hair pulled back.

Location is 125 Lemens Circle Building B - hutto Texas