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We wil also glady accept any childrens sized tools for the M.Y. Little Tool Shack!


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Like most of you, I have gotten bombarded with end of the year donation requests.  And honestly Discover Green had not planned to send an email that requests support for our programs.


However, we have had such an AWESOME week training our new batch of eco-inspiration coaches that we are excited to do even more.  We train 35 NEW youth to lead our terrific projects.


Imagine we have planted 7000 trees in 3 years with 8 eco-inspiration coaches – imagine where we will be in the next 3 years.



Our Eco-Inspiration Coach training started as a brainstorm in the car one afternoon.  We wanted to keep it affordable for ALL.  However, it did not cover the costs of the program.


We are excited about delivering the program again in March and are looking or your support.


Today you can sponsor a youth for this extraordinary program



$25.00 – One Eco-Inspiration Coach

$50.00 – Two Eco-Inspiration Coaches

$100.00 – Four Eco-Inspiration Coaches

$250.00 – 10 Eco- Inspiration Coaches and “listing on website as a supporter”

$500.00 – Underwrite the entire spring class – logo and recognition on the notebook and website

$1500 – Help us go global and put the workshop video’s online




Because we are volunteer run – 100% of your donations go back to the program we offer.


If you are curious about what kind of difference we have made – let me fill you in on our success since 2008


466 Youth involved in our program – Total 1544

4406 Trees planted or distributed – Total 9271

325 Storm Drains Marked – Total 2500

3.25 tons of trash (Total 33 tons)

3165 youth through educational programs – Total  7610

1964 Volunteer service hours – 8528 Total hours



98 different events borrowed equipment since September 2011 from MY Little Tool Shack


Thank you for your continued support of Discover Green.


Matthew Evans, Founder



3 years and 2700 slices of pizza



Supporting our PIZZA Fund --


Discover Green will be hosts monthly fuddraisers the first Wednesday of the months from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. at the Fuddruckers at Lakeline Mall



Pizza doesn't grow on trees!