Teen Green Parties with a Purpose is our signature project.


History                                                            Repication Guide


In 2008, five friends came up with a birthday party designed for more than just getting gifts.  Matthew Evans and Joanna Casey hosted the first ‘Teen Green Party with a Purpose’ in October 2008.  It turned out to be far more fun than they’d imagined and learned that other teens wanted to have a party with service projects, too.  Matthew Evans started Discover Green to support more projects and parties.  The first Eco-Inspiration Coaches for the organization are Alec Bainter, Hallie and Joanna Casey, Stephen and Sarah Young and Grayce and Daeland Angle


All party themes are GREEN; including food, education, service and fun.  At some projects food was local, organic and other times it was organic pizza or just local pizza.  The goal was to have fun and make new friends.  Whenever possible local vendors are used and supported.


Anne Franke said it best, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”